It’s The Integrity, Stupid!

The key to winning a battle is very often the ability to choose the weapons, the battleground and the timing.  Winning a debate is much easier if you can choose the topic to be argued.  Passing an exam is much easier if the candidate can choose the questions.

The debate about the fate of Rangers is currently being dictated to a large extent by bean-counters and their media apologists.  They have chosen the weapons, selected the battleground, dictated the topic and are choosing the questions while the vast majority of Scottish football supporters want to conduct this debate on different grounds, with different priorities, addressing different questions and using different weapons.
This must not be allowed to continue.

There is one issue which should be the only show in town.
It is integrity.
There can be no escape from this.  Without integrity, the game’s a bogey.  Every commentator who so much as hesitates to evaluate every other aspect of the case from that viewpoint should be called to account immediately.  Such people have abrogated their right to contribute to the discussion of what is best for the sport.

There is no business argument which takes precedence over sporting integrity.  The entire point of the game is that players can get a fair test of their ability against opponents on a level playing field.  If that fairness is corrupted, the game becomes pointless, irrelevant, redundant and a waste of everybody’s time, effort and money.  The sooner a corrupt business dies, the better for every decent person.  If football allows itself to be blackmailed by cheats because it isn’t prepared to defend its integrity then it fully deserves to perish.

In short, the essence of the football business is integrity.  Everything else is secondary at best and  irrelevant at the very least.  The further the discussion moves away from the focal point of integrity, the more it threatens the well-being of the game.  No journalist or broadcaster or football director or SPL functionary or SFA official should ever even contemplate denying that fair play is the be-all and end-all of professional sport.

Fairness is not about guaranteeing that one particular club will prosper in a competition just because it has more followers than other clubs.  It is not about ensuring that, come what may, two clubs will always play in the top half of the top division because that’s what Rupert Murdoch’s shilling demands.  Putting that another way, fairness does not permit decent professionals who have worked hard, tried their hardest and played the game to the best of their ability to accept that they are to be swindled out of their win bonuses and honours because they are plying their trade with a club which is held to be a less attractive commercial proposition than its rival.  Unless there is fair play at every level of the competition, the entire exercise a complete waste of time and, worse still, a cynical fraud.

Let there be no respect for any argument which is ambivalent about the pre-eminence of  the principle of integrity in professional football.  To compromise that principle is the ultimate sell-out.  There are few surer ways to bring about the ultimate destruction of the game than to let the customers realise that they are being completely conned and sold short.  We must refuse to accept any terms of reference which relegate integrity to the sidelines or dismiss it as an impractical ideal which has no place in commercial activity.

Integrity belongs at very the core of football’s commercial activity and it has never been more important to defend it than at the present time when the Scottish game is facing its biggest test.


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  1. Agree with every word. For those don’t, here is an example: what happens to clubs who deliberately field weakened teams? They face penalties or sanctions. Why? To protect sporting integrity.

  2. You are absolutely correct. Sporting integrity is central to professional football, but you just wonder how far from the centre integrity has been allowed to slip in this country. Supporters put their hard earned money into the game and professional footballers (well, most of them) invest their own integrity in it. Everyone involved deserves to be treated with respect. It would be completely disrespectful to carry on as if none of that mattered because it is ‘assumed’ that a crippling percentage of income would be lost for the rest of the teams. It is lack of integrity twice over.

  3. Well who’d a thunk it? The beautiful game that our grandfathers and great grandfathers so diligently built up with their passions, heart and souls could have gotten to the position of being hijacked by an endless cabal of Scottish charlatans and scoundrels, double-dealing despots and crooks masquerading as trustees and honest officials only to sink OUR beautiful game into their world of financial poison and disease that they choose to call ‘Scottish business’.Moral integrity and fair play so easily sacrificed for the sake of some money and the political ideology of a power and privilege society manifest into one single football club in Govan. Why football? Because football has developed over the decades to become their new theatre of hate (and they NEED to hate) and propaganda against all things Irish in favour of all things ”Scottish”. Their anti-Irish culture appears on the surface as nothing more than mere futile angst by a bunch of ‘moaning minnies’ but which are in fact the activities of a highly sophisticated campaign of cultural and political hegemony that ensures those who follow Celtic or even hold on to an Irish culture are left in no doubt that they are not and never will be the voice of ‘Scotland’. This endless campaign of injustice must for the most part be subtle in its hegemonic development but must also from time to time be manifest in ways that leaves those who are on the ‘outside’ (US) in any doubt who is running the culture of Scotland and in who’s interests it is being run. This my friends is what WE who simply want to watch a good game of football on a level playing field with sporting integrity are up against and its for these reasons that WE ALL must protest in thee most active ways as possible at our disposal.
    Otherwise to do nothing is as bad as condoning it.

  4. lorenzo wordsmith

    Bravo the “Internet Bampot’s” .

    What we see In modern day Scotland is of much Significance, but not as yet to the masses who go about their daily life, flicking through television channels and glancing at the back pages of the sports directory or occassionaly the Front page, as In recent times regards Rangers FC..”Soon to be Newclub.”

    What underlies the current shenannigans of club disrepute Newclub, is the changing face of Media control within the game of football and much wider beyond.

    Persons as yet unidentified and many widely known and regarded as the “Internet Bampots”, have blown a gaping whole straight through the facade of communication control, none have done so through a search for fame or noteriety, none for the sound of His Masters voice in congratulation as he/they, throw a bone or two as a treat before a succulent meal.
    (such is the truth of the internet bampot, we all know the names we search to read most.)

    The usual suspects that held the keys to that control box, that for so long have connived and schemed to point the trance-like followers of the Main stream Media to Dead end after Dead end, laced with conjured fact,self opinion and strange Innevitability, are now under attack from a more than worthy adversary, an adversary armed with Truth and a far more potent weapon, mass and instant media.
    “Internet Bampots” challenge the very existance or need of the Opinion to control that has been served up time and again , year after year, Issue after Issue.

    Wake up, .

    The long serving poodles of long time powerful voices now reduced to shadows of their former selves,
    now witness the dark lord gravy as it drips, dry’s and harden’s on their once expensive tunics.

    Panic now sets in amongst those that have fed the masses kipper after kipper, all whilst dining on the meat of kings.
    The death of a thousand cutlets seems slow but certain for those of hynoptic ink.

    Little honour, scant integrity, merged with a belief that they are untouchable, makes them blind to such threat that they can coin such terms as Internet Bampot and belittle all and any users of the New, True voice and vision, the Information highway.

    For so long their table manner has been accepted as suitable by the fabricators of their news, that they do not see their end as It rushes toward them.

    Make no mistake about these times.

    The recent news is all about corruption, fraud, mismanagement, religious hate, secterian and racial abuse, power crazed tyrants and their cohorts of collaborators, Yes, and the Investigations Into all those dasterdly deeds.

    The biggest news though, not opinion, or hope or fantasy,
    Is that the biggest news story is the war over media control, a war that is well under way.

    The Main stream Media laugh off the new and most popular news relay, prodding It, Poking It, Yes, even christening It with derogatory slant.
    All the while failing to see less copy, less reply and less interest from their own reader as daily, they themselves are ridiculed by that same, “Internet Bampot”

    Those bampots have no leader, no all covering head of edit, no fat controller on a runaway train..

    They do have genuine, purveyor’s of fact and truth and see the challenge manifest and rejoice at the opportunity to correct the lazy, diners of bow tie and back slap.

    The chamber of clambouring yes men should now realise the tick tock, tick..
    Is as un-football related as the drying Ink on their notepads.

    The new generations of readers turn on their “Internet Bampot” machines many hours and now day’s, before their hands cover in Ink to read only a brainwash tripe served as dessert.
    Post, Succulent Lamb dish.

    This is a Media War not a football one, the football one was won strangely before a ball was kicked, they undid themselves.

    Surrender or concession matters not from those that held us all In their twisted agenda filled hands,
    For when the dawning of the Intenet generated news finally hit’s home as more worthy,
    That shall be the unclenching of that grasping fist, for new media is unstoppable,
    It is only a matter of time.


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