Scottish Football’s Stockholm Syndrome

Good news!  Good news!
The liquidation of Rangers is no longer the probable outcome of their travails; it is absolutely inevitable.
It’s time for all of Scotland’s premier football clubs individually, and the SPL as a collective organisation, to recognise this and plan boldly for the new circumstances.

Those club chairmen who are still in fear of radical change have not left themselves much time to adjust to a situation which they had wrongly assumed could never come to pass. But there is no excuse now for delusions that somehow Rangers can avoid the worst.
They can’t.
They’re finished.

There will be no Rangers of any kind, old or new, playing in the SPL next season. There is no guarantee that any form of Rangers will even be playing in the Third Division of the SFL either.  Yet there is still uncertainty in some quarters about embracing the new reality.  

The baleful effect of Rangers on the confidence of other Scottish clubs seems to have caused a kind of Stockholm syndrome where the victims paradoxically develop an emotional attachment to their abuser. Having spent so much of their existence trying not to challenge the malevolent power of the seemingly all-powerful Rangers, a number of clubs have lost the ability to think clearly for themselves and have lost sight of what is in their own best interests.

They have found ways to survive in the lair of the beast and can scarcely imagine what life will be like when the beast is slain.
“Things may never be the same again,” they whimper, as if that were a bad thing. 

Why would any decent person want Scottish football to be the “same again”?
It has become clearer and clearer with each development that for many years Scottish football was trapped in a process of being devoured by an insatiable parasite called Rangers FC. Scottish football has been revealed to be merely a façade behind which the scandalous conduct of Rangers FC hid itself from scrutiny.

Rangers did not generate wealth; they misappropriated it.
They do not stimulate the Scottish economy; they are a drain on it.
They have not increased sporting competition; they have stifled and destroyed it.

In order to allay fears of what Scottish football will be like without Rangers it’s only necessary to consider what the damage will be if they continue in any form.
It is now apparent in the real world that the wealth and power of Rangers has been a myth for many years.
Therefore the sacred TV deals with Sky and others have always been negotiated on the basis of a falsehood.
The selling-point was that there were two major Scottish clubs – the so-called Old Firm – whose head-to-head matches could provide broadcasters with the commercially attractive spectacle of a pair of well-matched heavyweights locked in close competition.
But one of those clubs, Rangers, has clearly been spending money which it did not have in order to maintain the sham of its competitive status.
It has been living so far beyond its means that it is completely insolvent and facing oblivion.

Any attempt to restore the illusion that Rangers is a major club requires every other party to engage in a major deception.
Whatever damage the other clubs may sustain without Rangers is nothing in comparison to the self-harm that they’ll suffer from continuing to take their share of the proceeds of TV deal which requires a level of financial doping, shameful governance and fiscal irresponsibility which brings the entire game into disrepute.

Those clubs and broadcasters may have had some excuse when they could reasonably claim not to have known what Rangers tried so hard to conceal. They do not have that excuse now and they have even less reason to assume that Rangers have learned their lesson.  Nobody has spoken on behalf of Rangers to suggest that they are determined to face up to the consequences of their past wrongdoing.  There has not been a word of apology nor any hint of an acknowledgement that they alone have been the architects of their own misfortune.

If anything we have seen the reverse – the club seems to think that its best chance of riding through this crisis is to insist on its own indispensability, regardless of what it has done wrong, and to issue threats to other clubs that they’ll regret it later if they stand up to Rangers today.

That has always been The Rangers way.
The psychopathic inability to express or feel genuine remorse is a key characteristic of the club’s mentality.
Similarly, their arrogant sense of entitlement and the belief that the world revolves around their interests are defining traits.
They are no more capable of abandoning their bullying than a crocodile is capable of learning to walk to heel.

That psychological trauma is still having an effect on some minds but the fears are unfounded now.
A new day is about to dawn in which the creatures of the night will be hopelessly exposed and vulnerable.
By the end of this week even the most dedicated Rangers apologists will be left speechless in the face of damning evidence of the club’s indefensible conduct.
And those who have previously been indecisive when given the chance to point the finger of condemnation at Rangers will finally join the stampede to be at the front of the queue to sink the boot in.  

There will be a brighter future as soon as the root cause of most of Scottish football’s ills is discredited and permanently removed.
That will go a long way to alleviating whatever pain accompanies the adjustment.
We should neither fear pain nor expect that we can get through our lives without experiencing it.
It’s an intrinsic part of the process of developing, growing, striving and achieving.
A period of pain for Scottish football doesn’t frighten me in the slightest if it leads to a fairer sport and a better society in the long run.
It’s time to get over the Stockholm syndrome.

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  1. I believe you are correct in your view that the end is nigh for this Dinosaur Club. I have a fear though that the violent nazi element that has attached itself to them will resurface elsewhere to vent their anger on all and sundry. Also the anti catholic rhetoric that is spewed on a daily basis from the majority of the people associated with Rankers (IA) will find itself another vehicle.

    Hope I am wrong. HH

  2. I have a feeling from various blogs like your own that the word is leaking out from as yet unquotable sources that this coming week will be momentous, in relation to the saga in Edmiston Drive G51.
    The unbearable anticipation of Christmas approaching has long since gone for this middle aged cynic, but this is the closest feeling I’ve had for a long time. It’ll be like getting the Fitba’ boots, Raleigh Chopper and the cowboy outfit all in the one big, green & white ribbon wrapped pressie box. Yeeha!!!

  3. Great piece u mention everything will b clear at the end of the week do u refer to the BBC programme on Wednesday or is there something else about to happen BTC outcome maybe

  4. Let it be true!

  5. Powerful and emotive blog which should be read as widely as possible. This in some ways is not just about RFC, this is about the wider society which we currently live in. A global society where greed and arrogance have been allowed to flourish.(Or fester). Here’s hoping change is truly on the way.

  6. mistakes made by people in authority and punishment to be taken accordingly couldnt agree more…but it seems your blog is a little one sided on the fact that all involved with rangers are sectarian, violent and force our club on other fans and people for that matter, what a lot of crock shit!!!…the fact remains that fellow professionals see the bigger picture when it comes to liquidation, as if rangers do cease to exist so does scottish football…FACT!!!…as gates, season tickets, media, tourism, retail the full nine yards will be affected causing job losses all over not just at the club, seems to me your green tinted glasses have blinded you from the truth to be honest m8…i would say parkhead syndrome, not stockholm…id rather live with our history, than die with yours!!!

    • David – ‘id rather live with our history, than die with yours!!!’

      I think you have mixed that up there, are you not trying to say you’d rather die with your history than live with ours??

      Its not particualry a great history or ethos this club has in my opinion. Rangers FC quite simply were a bigoted club due to its old policy of exclusivity based on religious believes and openly aknowledging it. Not so long ago people were chucking their season books due to the Mo Johnston signing and many have never returned. If this club dies then this element will still exist in Scotland but at least they won’t be given a platform to promote their bile or sense of entitlement e.g ‘we are the people’.

      “Celtic Park, where a man was judged by his football alone…It’s not the creed nor his nationality that counts. It’s the man himself.” Willie Maley – Celtic Manager

      Good riddance I say.

    • Mistakes by people in authority?

      Try deliberate breaking of SFA and SPL rules, thinking they could get away with anything?

      Deliberate non payment PAYE and NI?

      These are not ‘mistakes’ they are willful acts.

      When Mark Daly’s BBC documentary airs on Wednesday night, Rangers will be left without a name.


      They don’t know the meaning of the word.

    • Dang!
      Just when we thought we were going to get away with exposing the corruption at the core of the Rangers scandal, one of their supporters puts us in our place by shouting, ‘FACT!!!”
      We’d better surrender. We can’t compete with that level of forensic analysis of the complexities of the situation. We’ll need to sit at the back of the bus again.
      As you were, David.
      Carry on cheating for the good of Scottish football.

  7. George Murray

    Your history – apart from your on field success- and much of the recent stuff is ‘tainted’ – is a major element of Scotland’s shame. Probably the most bigotted little country in the world – with Rangers F.C. and the Orange order at the core. If your lot survive this, Scotland’s chances of developing into a modern European nation will be seriously harmed.

  8. “Things may never be the same again,” they whimper, as if that were a bad thing. Why would any decent person want Scottish football to be the “same again”?

    That, in two short sentences, sums up my entire feelings on the matter.

    Chapeau sir!

  9. Utter drivel written by and written for Rangers hating bigots. You honestly think we are going to sit back and allow Scotland’s burden (Celtic) to walk all over us? You seriously think the Rangers will curl up, fade away and die?

    Get real!

    You only need to look at the comments above, to see what the real problem in Scotland is. I would suggest some of our minority population pull back from the brink, as many people are becoming increasingly restless with their hatred and violence.

    Rangers will haunt the small minded interlopers for another 140 years and beyond. There will be NO SURRENDER to the people with hidden agendas.

    Rangers will come back, you better be prepared for the fall out.

    • Does your mither ken your oot? That’s an awful lot of words fur a wee bigoted sowel tae come oot wi in wan go. You can sit back or staund on yer heed wee man but it winna mak a hoot o’ a difference yer cheatin fraudulent wee bigoted team is finished and theres gonna be the mither of all parties all ower Scotland. WHY? Because Scottish fitba will soon be rid of the poison that has kept it back for decades upon decades and nae amount o’ wind an pish aboot surrenderin is gonna change it. Get used tae it. Let me spell it oot tae ye cos a ken that ye dinna hae ower much eedjucation…R.A.N.G.E.R.S. A.R.E F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D.
      Noo if ye listen closely ye will hear a big collective sigh o’ relief all ower Scotland the day that the big chains and padlocks gang roond the big bigoted hoose fur good. Yer only salvation is through education and I still have faith even fur hate-filled folk like you.

    • Sounds like a threat, dickhead.

      Rangers are about to sink without trace.

      The weeds are already engulfing the stadium.

      You’d better get used to it.

      No surrender my arse!

    • William,
      First point. Just because someone hates Rangers does not make them a bigot. It is the bigotry from Rangers fans which makes lots if people, not just Celtic fans, hate Rangers.

      Second point. Did you actually read the blog? It talks of sense of entitlement, arrogance and refusal to apologise from anyone connected to Rangers. This is still the case as your post provides a good example.

      Finally you talk of not allowing “Scotlands Burden” (whatever that means) “to walk all over you”. Phil McGoilligbhan wrote a blog about a year ago saying that it was already too late for Rangers fans to act. Think about it, one of the biggest Rangers haters, giving you warnings about the state of your club over TWO years ago, yet you chose to do nothing other than convince your fellow fans that it was all made up timmy lies and “let’s just see how things pan out”. I don’t expect Rangers fans to sit back and do nothing but do you honestly expect that 6000 people strolling up to Hampden or a tenth of that amount doing laps outside Ibrox is going to change anything?

    • You forgot to add you are the people.

    • grumpyvictor

      A typical reply from a hate filled sectarian bigot. Idle threats, quite simply pathetic!
      The sooner that club “dies” the better. For decades they wilfully carried out their sectarian ways, condoned, in the whole by their support. There is no place for them in Scotland. Shameful.

  10. George Murray

    And you wonder why no one loves you !

  11. George Murray

    ‘Scotland’s burden’ – it is clear that while you may not do walking away you certainly don’t do irony. It is not Celtic F.C. who currently owe Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs some £13m and potentialy over £60m. – burden indeed !

  12. William ,did you notice not one comment with a threat ?except yours !!! .LogicAl you could have had a cowboy outfit for just a £1 bye bye bears NOBODY likes cheats !

  13. Whit’s aw this keech aboot nae surrender? I’ve heard it being sung at fitbaw matches where the RFC* supporters sing somethin aboot surrenderin. What is it that they are gonnae surrender onywye? Are they gonnae surrender tae the tax man and pay back aw their tax dodged money? Are they talkin aboot surrenderin their club tae liquidation cos they have cheated Scottish fitba fur an awfy lot o’ years? Are they surrenderin tae the wishes o the scottish peepil that want tae pit sportin integrity afore oot an oot corruption and apply tae the Third Division? Kin somebuddy tell me what it is that they are gonnae surrender? Or did ah hear it wrang? Is it that their gonnae wear suspenders …suspenders and a tie? Somethin aboot buildin auld Terry’s wall! That’s guid o’ them if auld Terry’s wa is in need o’ repair. Bless them. Ah think ah’ve got it noo. They like tae wear suspenders and a tie when they gang oot tae their work as dry-stane dykers daein guid turns fur auld men…got ye! See, it micht tak me a few minutes bit ah git there. Funny thing tae sing at a fitbaw match tho, eh?

  14. You have very eloquently put into words almost exactly what I have been thinking for the past few months.

    To the Rangers supporters who still – in their minds at least – seem to inhabit the dream-like fantasy world of Scottish football’s soon to be past, what exactly are you not surrendering to? The truth? the rules? the law? common decency?

    Wake up because very soon this dream will be nightmare if you persist with your outdated ways.

  15. ‘The psychopathic inability to express or feel genuine remorse is a key characteristic of the club’s mentality’
    HC – fine words to describe a communal failing for so many people connected to RFC. Why are they like that ? Is it the same mindset which means decent RFC fans can’t make their voices heard ? Or that any potential buyers have to play to the ‘victim’ gallery as soon as their names are made public ?

    • I think I’ll do a post on that specific issue in the near future. It’s a phenomenon that is by no means limited to Rangers or even football. But Rangers is a classic case study.

  16. This has gone on long enough,it’s time the pantomime closed (Rankers) they have got away with murder attempted should i say by associated fans & they say they are sick of us!They have not even had the decency to say “we have went about this wrong & apologies to all”their own fans are blinded by their bigoted ways its beyond belief!I pray they get everything due to them & more!So good evening,goodnight & goodbye RFC!

  17. I think crowing about the demise of Rangers is both optimistic and provocative. As a non Old Firm fan I don’t want Rangers to disappear entirely – but apart from that agree with everything you’ve said. The crucial matter is that the whole of Scottish football looks to have been ruined by the degree of cheating and illegality practised by the club. This week has seen prominent people in the SPL claim that a CVA and forming a newco are the same thing, which is nonsense. The difference is liquidation. A new company is also a new club – and should be treated as such, both by governing bodies and fans – including Celtic fans. It should also be in division 3.

    • Thanks for commenting Tom.
      I can assure you that I’m not an Old Firm fan either!
      What I am crowing about is that cheats are finally being held to account for their cheating. I feel that’s a good thing in itself, regardless of who the culprits are, and so I have no hesitation in taking great delight in it. It’s just a pity that it’s taken so long.

  18. Although the situation Rangers was left in deserves to be punished, liquidation would be devastating to Scottish football. Rangers play the joint best football in Scotland and this will always be the case, without them, the league could only worsen. Furthermore, smaller club’s revenue would suffer as the attraction of welcoming a team like rangers to their ground would be gone.
    The situation at Rangers is a high talking point, if you’d like to share your opinions on the national team, feel free to comment on my blog regarding the Scottish manager Craig Levein at:

    • Thanks for commenting, connorbowie.
      The fatal flaw in your argument is the failure to acknowledge the level of devastation which Rangers have consistently caused to the reputation and the operation of professional football in Scotland.
      The quality of football played by Rangers in the past is irrelevant since it was played by players with no right to be on the field.
      Liquidation will be devastating for Rangers and Rangers alone.
      For every other club in Scotland, it will herald a bright new day in which they can attempt to build a sustainable future which will not be thwarted by the fake financial clout of the Rangers club which spent other people’s money to cherry pick the best players from their rivals only to leave many of them languishing in reserve teams for years on end.

      • I do appreciate that completely, in fact I strongly believe in the strength of Hearts, Hibs, Dundee United, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and Motherwell without Rangers and Celtic, in fact i believe the fact that these teams dont have the players they should, has already severly damaged Scottish football.
        However the words damage limitations do creep into my mind. The damage they have done is large however to take them away now would have non repairable damage. they do bring in revenue for many teams and for many people, Scottish football is insufferable when one of the Old firm involved. Not something I agree with, but unfortunately it is not all down to myself
        PS could you please follow my blog, need to try get it up and running for universities, thanks mate

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