Suicide By Cop

In the USA there is a phenomenon known as “suicide by cop.” If some poor, troubled soul wants to end it all but doesn’t have the bottle to throw himself in front of a train or hang himself, he creates a disturbance to which the police are summoned. When the cops arrive, they find the suspect recklessly waving around a firearm (which is frequently unloaded) and call upon him to drop the weapon. Instead of complying, he points it at the police. They shoot him to death.

My feeling is that Rangers FC (In Administration) have been actively trying to provoke a punishment which will tip them into liquidation.
That might seem odd but it fits the facts.
McCoist’s “Who are these people?” statement was designed to stir things up and tempt the appeals panel to increase the original punishment.
The decision to go to the civil courts was designed to bring FIFA into the equation to put pressure on the SFA to expel the Huns.

So why would they do that?
First of all, I presume that Rangers FC (In Administration) have prepared a lifeboat for when the ship goes down. They may have recognised that there is now hee-haw chance of playing in the SPL next season (having been knocked back in their attempts to sound out the possibility of taking over St. Mirren) but they have calculated that a single season of SFL Div 1 football is not a bad second option. They could achieve that by taking over Cowdenbeath FC.

Cowdenbeath will need a new place to play very soon because their stadium is under threat in the short-term. Cowdenbeath have an arch-Hun chairman (Donald Findlay QC). Cowdenbeath play in blue and were previously called Cowdenbeath Rangers FC. (But not Cowdenbeath Rangers In Administration FC.)
For the average supporter of Rangers FC (In Administration) to buy into this new arrangement, it’s important (and easy) to convince them that someone else is to blame for the demise of Rangers (in administration). As usual.
The plan is to be liquidated because of the Feniany skulduggery of the SFA or FIFA or Peter Lawwell or Lord Carloway or HMRC or Ticketus or Mark Daly or Catholic Schools or Alex Thomson or the local newsagent or Lord Nimmo-Smith or Neil Lennon. (Delete as applicable.)
The story will be spun as a dastardly example of the club’s enemies putting the boot in just as Mr. Emerald Green was on the point of successfully presenting a CVA worth 0.000000001 pence in the pound to the grateful creditors and thus guaranteeing a glorious future for the Huns.
If that’s not the lifeboat plan in detail, then there will be something similar gestating in the bowels of the Beast.

One way or the other, Rangers FC (In Administration) are actively trying to commit “suicide by cop” at the moment but HMRC and the SFA haven’t fallen for it yet.

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  1. I’ve had a similar thought for a few weeks but it ignores the genuine belief amoung rangers fans that everything is going to be fine. Is it possible that the watp mentality that infects everybody who comes into contact with the club, including d&p, leads them to actually think that it isn’t suicide?

    • I don’t think that D&P, Green or Whyte have been infected by the WATP mentality. I have felt all along that none of them gives a damn about Rangers but that they do smell an opportunity to exploit gullible people and make a profit from that.
      The genuine beliefs of Rangers supporters can be, and frequently are, spun around by 180 degrees.
      They supported Whyte and condemned the BBC for broadcasting Mark Daly’s investigation. By February, Whyte could not have dared to appear in the Ibrox directors’ box unless he was prepared to risk his life.
      Even Rangers diehards were appalled when they signed the execrable El Hadj Diouf. Within weeks, they were cheering him to the rafters and paying money to have his name printed on their replica shirts.
      They are easily manipulated. Anyone who can spout the correct trigger-words is able to induce a predictable Pavlovian response and it’s even easier when those words are inserted into the mouths of legneds such as McCoist, Jardine and others.

  2. I agree with the gist of what you say HC bar the inclusion of McCoist’s outburst. I still can only see that as naked bullying/intimidation with no further ulterior motive.

    I suppose a big question for us is why won’t HMRC ‘pull the trigger’ just now and what are the factors influencing the timing – I appreciate it’s not actually the HMRC’s perogative but….

    We are at a stage where no one wants to be the one to deliver the final blow. HMRC seems best placed to do it. Negative PR in this one isn’t a factor for them. Public opinion across the country will support a robust approach.

  3. McCoist’s rant was recorded for Rangers TV He was answering the questions fed to him by Rangers media staff. There was plenty of opportunity to re-record it. There were plenty of others who had the chance to consider the advisability of broadcasting such an inflammatory rant at what appeared to be a highly sensitive and potentially decisive moment for the club’s future prospects. And out it still went.
    I’m certain that he (and Jardine) were playing a part that they had been handed, believing that it would serve an important purpose, although I don’t necessarily think that either of them have been told the whole truth by Clark and Whitehouse.

    Why indeed hasn’t HMRC pulled the trigger? The tax authorities could have done so on February 14th but mysteriously drew back and allowed Whyte to appoint his own preferred administrator instead. I think Hector is playing a long game here, partly because there are other, bigger fish to fry and partly because the D&P pantomime is helping to shed light on connections between other parties who may well be the subjects of active files in the offices of the tax investigation team. An ex-Sampdoria player, perhaps? Certainly a one-time director of a football team in Yorkshire. More than one former director of RFC. A few colourful businessmen, lawyers, investment fund managers, who knows where it all ends? Hector can watch and learn as various people either try to dig themselves out of trouble or cash in on the chaos.
    And over and above all of this, they probably only see RFC as a stepping-stone towards MIH and SDM. We might think that Rangers’ troubles are much more entertaining than property development, steel markets, banking practice or international money movements but Hector has a very different set of priorities.

    • Your final point is a very interesting one Henry and I would not be surprised if it turned out to be close to the truth. It would help explain their apparent reluctance to do the deed. If you pull down the cobweb you lose the opportunity to examine the insects stuck to it (or something like that!).

      • I heard a scurrilous rumour a while ago about the international man of mystery, Dave King. A finger was pointed at him by someone in the banking industry who said to a friend, “our bank doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.”
        Not, as you might imagine, because of his widely-publicised – in South Africa, though not here – ongoing trouble with the tax authorities but because, according to our banking man, he was “useless at money-laundering.”

        There has never been any proper explanation of why Mr King suddenly materialised on the Ibrox board – having apparently invested tens of millions of pounds which showed no indication of ever coming back to him – and was rarely seen or heard of in subsequent years.
        I’m not ready yet to dismiss other rumours about the keenness of the South African authorities to issue an international arrest warrant for one of Mr. King’s fellow Ibrox directors who might be able to help them with their investigations into dodgy dealings in the international metals markets. The South Africans may have to wait their turn in the queue. The City of London police have a distinct home advantage in this one.

  4. Kevin O'Neill

    Whatever happens, no matter what charges are brought against the club, no matter how obvious the guilt, nor degree to which their cheating is exposed; it quite simply – must be someone else’s fault.

    It has to be.

    Divert and deflect at all costs.

    It is inconceivable that the supreme establishment power has, in fact, been cheating, defrauding, discriminating it’s way to success.

    Everyone’s putting the boot in, kicking out at Rangers while they are down……

    That is the clear agenda from Ibrox. Expect no accountability; no responsibility; no remorse; no dignity; no class.


  5. The way events have unfolded leaves me in no doubt someone wants to kill the club. I always thought it was only Craig Whyte, for obvious financial gain, being the secured creditor. But D&P’s actions, which have always seemed a tad strange throughout the administration period, took what looks to me like a deliberate wrong turn when they appealed to the court of session. Their claim of not knowing FIFA rules prevented clubs from doing so was staggering to say the least. What are the chances of Rangers, in whatever shape or form they re-emerge as, taking D&P to court?

  6. Scarlet – I believe when/if liquidation comes an enquiry will be held into how the admin process was carried out. If it’s bad for D&P presumably material will come out which could be used in court.

    Anyone know whether that would be via the Fiscal’s office or a private case for the new owners/creditors/current shareholders ?

  7. I agree, seems the demonic hordes are already pinning all this on Peter Lawwell being pally with Stewart Regan and being in power at the spl/sfa as they consider that if Lawwell holds a position in either organisation then it reeks of corruption towards them (although Gordon Smith, or Campbell Ogilvie would never indulge in such practices given their past allegiances would they!) They also seem to think that HMRC will accept the Cva and the btc will simply disappear! Seems Charlie may just have pulled the wool far enough over the eyes for the end game!!

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