And Thomson Must Score . . .

Re-reading my article on Alex Thomson‘s “solutions” for the problems which Scottish football now faces because of Rangers, I think I haven’t made it clear enough that, for all the good work that Alex Thomson did up to this point, I feel let down by his emphasis on starting again with a clean sheet through a straightforward corporate rebranding exercise.
I should have made my feeling clearer that there is no reason to expect anything to change if there isn’t a full investigation into how this shambles was allowed to happen.

Campbell Ogilvie remains the President of the SFA. The mass of Scottish football fans have absolutely no confidence in either Stewart Regan or Neil Doncaster. The mechanism by which people of that calibre can be appointed to oversee the game remains the same.

It is inevitable, in my view, that the same problems will arise again if the same conditions exist; therefore we’re no further forward and a lot of culpable people will never be held to account under Thommo’s proposals.  His willingness to gloss over the causes of the scandal does him no credit.

What he flagged as an investigation into corporate misgovernance ends up with a solution that comes straight from the corporate playbook, benefiting only the corporation.

When someone dribbles the ball right through the defence, past the keeper and up to the goal-line, it’s reasonable to criticise him for then putting the ball out for a shy.
The question then is not, how did he miss?
It’s, why did he do that?

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  1. Henry,

    It was my belief that Alex Thomson was giving the Former Rangers Fans(the ones that are not deluded) the chance to give their opinion on what should happen to a newco, the subject of how the game is run by the people with in the governing bodies is a totally different subject, a subject that AT as already touched upon and cant get hois head around, and i am sure will question again if/when he has more time on his hands.

  2. You are right Henry, the “culpable people will never be held to account under Thommo’s proposals”.

    What they will eventually be held to account by is the combined results of the big tax case, the SFA investigations which found Rangers guilty of bringing the game into disrepute, the SPL investigation into dual contracts and undeclared payments that has decided that Rangers have a prima facie case to answer, the investigations that the liquidators will make into the circumstances of Rangers’ insolvency, the IPA’s investigations into B&D’s handling of the administration process, Lord Hodge’s enquiry into how B&D reacted to the allegations of a conflict of interest, Strathclyde Police’s investigation into Whyte’s takeover and the the public interest investigations by the BBC and Thommo’s C4. Have I forgotten anything? It seems quite a long list….. so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is much more to follow. When the proverbial hits the fan from all that lot it will be spread all over the culpable targets. It will take time, but it will get there.

    Also, the fan’s opinions have gained sufficient momentum that the clubs are now falling over themselves to comply. That is bound to affect thinking at organisational levels too if for no other reason than that their membership largely comprises the same clubs. It is already doing so. SEVCO 5088 has effectively been banished from SPL membership as a result of fan power, and the SFL clubs are being mobilised by their supporters to reject a first division compromise to suit SEVCO.

    Alex’s solution does come straight out of the corporate strategy teaching manual. But that is the world we live in. People with radically different ideas tend not to rise very high in their organisations because their faces don’t fit with their senior managers, many of whom have gained their senior positions at least partly by overtly walking the corporate walk, and who require their staff to at least pay public lip service to the corporate message.

    Justice will eventually be seen to be done. In the meantime though, I don’t really think there is much to be gained by shooting our best messenger.

  3. Kevin McDermott

    I personally think that’s Alex done with all this carry on up here and decided too wrap it up cheaply and head to War torn places to concentrate on his ‘War’ correspondent career.He reported Some great stuff and it was refreshing but I don’t think the story holds enough interest for him any more. Let’s hope there Are some Journos out there watching closely….I doubt it though…

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