What If There’s No Santa?

“If Santa knows that you’re being bad, you’ll not get any presents on Christmas Day.”
Were any of us not subjected to that threat at some point in our childhood?

What a brilliant way to keep someone in line! Invent a myth, keep repeating it until you convince your weans that it’s true and then use it to manipulate them according to your wishes.  As a child, I sometimes wondered about the logistics of this remarkable operation. We all did.
The whole world? In one night? Presents for every single well-behaved child? All carried on one sleigh? Seriously?

It seemed that something didn’t quite add up here but wherever I looked, everyone confirmed the reality of Santa. Parents, relatives, neighbours, teachers, random strangers all had their stories straight. Television programmes and adverts, grottos in department stores, pictures on billboards, songs on the radio, each provided further evidence that nobody except me had even noticed any of the  inherent inconsistencies about this extraordinary person and his work.
Why don’t all the starving children in Africa ask for enough food to keep them alive?
If his elves are making all these toys themselves, how come they look exactly the same as the ones in the shops?
What’s the point of the shops trying to sell Airfix Lancaster bomber model kits or Subbuteo sets if everyone can get one for nothing?
It didn’t make sense.

On the other hand, I had a suspicion that it might be unwise to express too much scepticism. It might even cost me a train set.
By all accounts, only people who actually believed in Santa got presents from him.
It finally came to the point when I not only knew beyond reasonable doubt that Santa must be a myth; I also realised that I had been surrounded by liars for years. But no sooner had I become cognisant of the Great Deception than the liars invited me to join their conspiracy. There were younger siblings and cousins who had to remain deceived and it wouldn’t do for me to blow the whistle. I calculated that by publicly maintaining the pretence that I believed in Santa, I might be able to raise the stakes for next Christmas. It was to be a red bicycle or else.

(At this point I must apologise to any readers who hadn’t yet heard the bad news that there is no Santa. If it’s any consolation, Graham Speirs knew this three weeks ago before anyone else although he didn’t bother to write about it.  In any case, in a few months time the Daily Record will claim that it was the first to break the story.)

As with the Santa myth, so with the Rangers myths. One of the recurring myths is that Rangers are a financial powerhouse, an economic engine which supplies Scottish football with huge revenues upon which almost every club is almost totally reliant. According to myth, even Celtic need Rangers.

Celtic have long since grown up and don’t believe in Rangers so they have dismissed that myth. Many other clubs, however, are holding out for a red bicycle. Some will settle for a train set. So long as they are compliant and believe in Rangers, they’ll get something for nothing in defiance of all logic.

Over the course of the last decade, the mighty Rangers economic powerhouse ran itself into the ground. If the tax authorities know anything about taxes – and it seems to me to be a reasonable starting assumption that they know quite a lot – we can go on to assume that when Rangers crashed into oblivion, the hole they were in was about £140 million deep. In truth it is even deeper.

On top of the money owed to hundreds of creditors there are previous matters to consider.  In 2004, the mythical billionaire Minty Moonbeams reportedly squirted a £51.4 million pound “injection”  into Rangers simmering accounts after a rights issue was formulated to reduce the club’s then £73.9 million debt.  In truth, the attempt to raise capital was a catastrophic failure and Murray MHL Limited, which had underwritten the share issue, was obliged to take the hit. In effect, all that happened was that some paperwork was signed so that a £50 million debt to HBOS was shifted sideways from one basket case Murray business in Ibrox to another, even worse one in Edinburgh.
The debt was never paid back before HBOS croaked. It was subsequently picked up by the tax-payer as part of Gordon Brown’s £37 billion rescue package to maintain the lifestyles of corrupt, fraudulent banksters and their cronies.  We’re now getting close to £200 million of Rangers damage to other parties. But say nothing. There might be a red bicycle in it for you.

Meanwhile, despite running up the longest series of consecutive 0-3 defeats in the history of football, Rangers were awarded the championship titles on five occasions during this period, thus enabling the SPL to divert millions of pounds of prize money away from the rightful league winners and into the colossal overdraft of the mythical economic powerhouse. The SFA, hoping for a red bicycle, duly notified UEFA that Rangers would represent Scotland in the Champions league in the following season. Tens of millions of pounds worth of prize money would never reach the club which had really earned that place by playing the game according to the rules.
Five seasons of SPL and Champions League prize money take the damage up to the quarter of a billion pound mark. Yet the economic powerhouse still went bust.

There have been other substantial cash investments from dubious sources. Dave King still faces hundreds of charges of fraud, tax evasion and money-laundering in South Africa on an industrial scale. At the last count, I made it 322 charges in all. The money laundering activities relate to drugs-running operations, illegal arms deals, child pornography and a host of other unwholesome activities. Fortunately for Rangers, £25 million of the proceeds of those disgusting enterprises found its way into Dick Advocat’s warchest. Red bicycles for everyone who sees no connection.

In 1992, Joe Lewis made his fortune by launching an all out attack on the UK’s currency reserves which cost the nation a minimum of £3.4 billion pounds on Black Wednesday. To balance up the damage done to the economy, Lewis dribbled £40 million into Ibrox economic powerhouse. Red bicycles for everyone who believes forty million pounds minus three point four billion pounds equals a positive balance.  No need to show your working; just believe.

And on and on and on.
Just over a year ago, Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police Stephen House was so convinced by the magnitude of Rangers’ contribution to society that he dominated the news headlines for days with his calls for ‘Old Firm’ games to be played behind closed doors or even banned altogether. Police Federation Spokesman, Les Gray, repeatedly rammed home a similar message that the country could no longer afford to bear the financial cost to the police, A&E, ambulance services and so on.
Ignore all that and collect your red bicycle on Christmas Day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A slight digression:
There are different methods which can be employed to control a system. Those who want to direct the behaviour of others have a number of options which range from reasoned, enlightened consensus to brutal, violent oppression. In practice, most systems are operated along the lines of one of the other options in between these extremes. The best and  most efficient way for human beings to prosper together is within a co-operative, consensual group which is founded on mutual trust and respect. This has been demonstrated and proved in countless studies yet the notion is regularly undermined and dismissed.

It’s important to recognise that this co-operative model struggles to gain acceptance purely because we live in a society that is dominated by a Psychopathic Control Grid (PCG). The PCG embraces government, banking and financial systems, the military, corporate industry, the media, the advertising industry and the education system. It is utterly dependent upon its ability to control, manipulate and exploit the rest of us. To this end, it creates myths which require us to suspend out critical faculties in order to accept them.

It is clearly not in the self-interest of the type of parasites who hold positions of power within the Psychopathic Control Grid to encourage us to believe that we don’t need them. They prefer to promulgate myths such as the Survival Of The Fittest, create unnecessary confrontations and frighten us with imaginary threats from which they will “protect” us by restricting our options. The fact still remains that we are all better off when we are co-operating with each other instead of allowing ourselves to be exploited by abusers. But a smokescreen of misinformation and distortion of the true picture creates uncertainty and confusion. The Roman occupation can continue indefinitely for as long as the People’s Front of Judea argue with the Judean People’s Front, the Judean Popular People’s Front, the Campaign for a Free Galilee, and the Popular Front of Judea.

A fundamental, practical weakness of a tyrannical approach, backed by brute force, is that it is hopelessly inefficient. The overwhelming majority of those involved in such a system understand that they are being mercilessly exploited but even those who expect to emerge as winners ultimately find that their own position is insecure and constantly under threat. They are constantly running up the down escalator just to maintain position and know that will be swept back to the bottom if they ever ease up.  Nevertheless, this inhuman Babylonian model is still the one which comes most naturally to a psychopath. It’s in widespread use, whether in the context of an abusive family unit, a Mafia-style organisation or an entire Police State.

In the most successful and more sophisticated variations of the model, people’s sense of their own worth is chronically undermined by a relentless tide of psychological assaults designed to rob them of confidence, security and perception. This approach reduces the need for the controllers to resort to outright physical oppression. Words themselves lose their meaning; a peace-keeping force consists almost entirely of trained warriors who are armed to the teeth; austerity measures require tens of millions of pounds to be paid to the people who collapsed the economy; rebels and insurgents are people who are trying to kick occupying forces from distant continents out of their homelands; and sporting integrity is a system whereby the biggest cheats in the history of British football are effectively given a guarantee that  they will win their next league campaign, even if the rule book has to be scrapped to make it happen. There is such an overwhelming, never-ending bombardment of lies, deceits and affronts to decency that it becomes harder and harder for anyone to stand up confidently, point to the truth and say, “There it is!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Regardless of all that, here is the truth.
The SFL and SFA, amongst others, have dedicated themselves to the perpetuation of the Rangers Myth.
They worship at the shrine of a fake god which they have created themselves. They warn of dire consequences if puny mortals fail to venerate this mighty deity. They sacrifice honour, justice and honesty at the altar of their idol. They glorify their god through acts of bare-faced hypocrisy, blatant match-fixing and stinking corruption.

For red bicycles and Santa, read SPL money and television.
For Rudolf defying the laws of aerodynamics, read Rangers defying the fundamentals of economics.
Just as Santa could only complete his night’s work by travelling faster than the speed of light, contrary to every principle of physics, so Zombie Huns can only compete in Scottish football if every inconvenient rule is deliberately broken and every sporting principle is ignored.

To those who staunchly, defiantly believe in Rangers, despite all the evidence, this is as straightforward as believing in Santa Claus.
They just have to ignore the overwhelming proofs that what they want to believe cannot possibly be true. They’ll see one club recklessly spending everyone else’s money and they’ll call it generating revenue. They’ll see tax evasion, fraud and cheating but they’ll call it financial might, vision and dignity. They must wilfully ignore that even when the now-defunct club was at its most successful it still sucked far more money out of society than it put in.
They are determined to perpetuate the myth of Rangers for the sake of a red bicycle.

But the facts are laid bare for all to see. Zombie Huns, and Rangers before them, are no more a linchpin of a successful, solvent, sustainable Scottish football set-up than a letter to Santa is a solution to the banking crisis.

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  1. I think your final sentence has just blown a hole in George Osborne’s fiscal policy plans for next year.

    ‘The Roman occupation can continue indefinitely for as long as the People’s Front of Judea argue with the Judean People’s Front, the Judean Popular People’s Front, the Campaign for a Free Galilee, and the Popular Front of Judea.’

    All those fighting factions remind me of the Zombie Rangers supporters groups of today. But while they sit around, or march up and down the rain-sodden streets banging big drums, the rest of scratch our heads and say, “What have the Rangers ever done for us, apart from steal, cheat and bully?”

    Excellent piece once again, Henry.

  2. and Rangers before them, are no more a linchpin of a successful, solvent, sustainable Scottish football set-up than a letter to Santa is a solution to the banking crisis.

    and a brillaintly funny ending. Soooperb

  3. i think you have been reading my posts on celticminded about xhuns debt. how its nearer your figure than the media keep saying. from mon’s days murray has had to cheat

  4. The Mighty Quinn


  5. Brilliant :mrgreen:

  6. Superb piece.Puts ‘paid’ writing in the rags to shame.

  7. tainted orange

    awesome, best blog about so far. hopefully it won’t be long before the rangers mafia are brought to justice.

  8. A parable for our time, Much enjoyed Henry!
    Will stay on this blog from now on.

  9. douglas clark

    I agree with harry in July, that is an excellent piece of writing. I hope it reaches a wider audience…..

  10. brilliant, brilliant article Henry. The myths are really amazing when you start delving into the numbers. One thing I have noticed from my Herald article yesterday is how deeply ingrained the myths are in Scottish football fans.

    When I did the tv article on Friday it went around mainly the fans who have been outraged by the lies and deceit to try and keep Rangers around, and thus got overwhelming support. The minute it was opened to the masses through the MSM people simply would not believe they have been lied to for year after year after year.

    I am quickly coming to the conclusion, that the actions of Doncaster, Regan and co are not coming from a desire to cheat, but simply that they are brainwashed like the majority of other Scottish fans about a myth that as you eloquently put, is just like the Santa myth!

  11. Paul Callaghan

    Well and eloquently put Henry.

  12. Jon the plum duff

    great blog!

  13. Simon Durning

    One of the best blogs I’ve read since this circus began, well done Henry!!

  14. Arsene Parcelie

    Nice analogy, but if it’s still possible to believe in Santa, it’s still possible to believe that RFC are still alive. In my experience to date, there will be no convincing Sevcovian supporters that their ex-club is gone.

    Until the MSM promote the truth in a manner that leaves no doubt using proper, legal language, and displaying evidence that is indisputable, then all the rest of us can do is keep reminding them of the truth, by pointing and laughing at every opportunity.

    Even if this evidence did come to light, there would still be plenty of them left looking up the chimney and hoping, believing that something that looks like Santa would appear to provide them with some joy.

    Nae luck.

  15. Peach Henry. I live in another world at the moment but the comparison and the method of control are very similar. i`m back at the beak on Tuesday next, on the promise of that red bike I know wont be under the tree this year so I had better behave or else I might not even get it next year. NIce one.

  16. An excellent, brilliantly written piece. Hats off to you sir.

  17. Excellent piece, well written again. You are absolutely right. It is incredible that people buy into myths so quickly and so easily and begin to ‘see evidence’ of its ‘factuality’ everywhere they look. But it is also incredible that, after years of believing and having this belief reinforced, it just takes one word from someone to shatter it. One person tells you Santa does not exist, usually a significant friend or sibling, and then after years of believing, you suddenly no longer believe in it. Why is that? It is because, by that time, you are beginning to realise for yourself that the myth actually doesn’t fit the ‘facts’ and never has; one word of confirmation is enough to blow away years of unquestioning belief in this fiction. The myth needs to keep cleverly evolving to stay one step ahead of the believer. The RFC myth kept evolving, but in an idiotic, farsical style. Eventually the creditors and then the believers caught up with it. It takes a shit load of fake money to peddle this type of myth for so long. But it just takes one significant person asking for real money back to expose it. As the Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said when pressed for a comment on the RFC scandal: “A picture held us captive. And we could not get outside it, for it lay in our language and language seemed to repeat it to us inexorably.”

  18. It’s a great piece Henry. Many of us have been aware of how our game has been manipulated for years, without being able to articulate our thoughts as well as you.

    I, and presumably you, don’t lay the blame at the feet of the Rangers supporters (even although they benefitted from the fraud) just as my father didn’t blame the German people for the war, but I worry about alienating decent fans as we progress through our Truth Commission. You, and others, have marvellously exposed the smell of rot which pervades our game in Scotland but I hope that the Elves are allowed a modicum of dignity, thus enabling them to play a constructive part in the rebuilding exercise. And no, I’m not. I support a Diddy team.

  19. Paul Cochrane

    There’s no Santa?

    • Sorry about that, Paul.
      I’m currently doing some research into the Tooth Fairy and my preliminary findings indicate that another disappointment may be in store. 😦

  20. Superb, this should be required reading for all club chairmen, before tomorrow’s meeting.

  21. Tangerine Taysider

    Brilliant stuff Henry. You paint a picture that puts this story into a wider context of politics, commerce, notably the banks and, in command,controlling psychopaths! Worryingly, it has a ring of truth about it. Fred the Shred, David Murray, is a lust for power inevitably accompanied by these psychopathic traits or is it simply that power corrupts?

    If that’s the downside, the flip side is the power of the people that has emerged through a combination of the Internet and simple common decency that says we’re not gonna take it anymore! As all the poison is exposed, the clamour just gets louder.

    TT (aka Riccardo Dundee United East)

  22. great post – henry

    Schrödinger’s cat fc … formerly known as rangers

  23. A fantastic piece mate, you’ve managed to strip this situation down to the simplest of forms by way of a comparison, which should give even the thickest of the dead club’s fans the opportunity to finally grasp the reality, though I wouldn’t hold my breath!

    Brilliantly written with more than a humorous twist, a thoroughly recommended read!

  24. Allyjambo Taxpayer

    An excellent blog Henry. In summing up this Rangers debacle you say so much of what is wrong in our society today. At least Santa won’t have to deliver too many RFC strips next Christmas, and he’ll get those he does deliver from ebay.

  25. This will just sail above the heads of the”peepul” nevertheless extremely entertaining.Thank you.

  26. Henk that wis a tour de force.

  27. Brilliant post

  28. Excellent piece yet again Henry.

    The Rangers saga is very much a microcosm of things that are happening on a larger scale in the Western World. The reaction to their death is an indication of the type of reaction we might see if/when more wide-reaching elements of the control system come under threat. Lots of people telling us we need them, lots of people unable to foresee or accept a world without them.

  29. Great blog Henry!
    Got me thinking about the insanely powerful role that the media has in our society, it’s like they somehow control the ‘group consciousness’ or whatever you want to call it.
    In a way reality, reason and independent blogs like this one simply don’t matter, something doesn’t become a ‘fact’ until it’s on TV or in the Daily Record.

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