It’s Time To Take The Gloves Off With The SFA

The SFA are making it clear to one and all that their first priority is to save the myth of Rangers rather than look after Scottish football.
It has been obvious for some time now that neither the SFA nor the SPL has the slightest intention of doing the right thing except under the strongest compulsion from the vast majority of Scottish football supporters. Even then, the authorities waste no time in reverting to their corrupt ways as soon as they sense that the immediate pressure has relented.
Thus, in the last week, we have witnessed the absurd pantomime of negotiations about what level of punishment the disreputable Ibrox mob will deign to accept for the disgraceful conduct of their business over the last year. It is glaringly obvious that the perpetrators have no right to dictate what punishment they are prepared to accept. Any authority worthy of the name would simply dictate that Rangers, having been found guilty of the most serious charges in the history of Scottish football and having brought the game into disrepute on several different counts, must be suspended or expelled altogether. The judgement and sentence would be handed down and that would be that. But it doesn’t work that way when the Huns are involved.
Thugs such as McCoist, Brown and Jardine issue threats with impunity and the SFA and SPL cower in abject submission. Gangsters and mobsters operate from the Ibrox boardroom and bully the game’s administrators into inviting a fraudulent club to participate in a league to which it isn’t even entitled to apply for membership. Law enforcement officers are investigating several different suspect aspects of this stinking operation and will assuredly pounce sooner or later.
And all the while, the SFA pretends that it is somehow in the interests of Scotland and its national game that these crooks should be accommodated in the professional structure instead of run out of town faster than you can say “organised crime” or “international money-laundering syndicate.”
Obviously, the SFA thinks it can get away with this. That is in no small part due to the fact that it always has got away with it up until now. It has always managed to keep this sort of scandal in-house and under control, mainly because of a complete lack of transparency in its doings. It helped that it was never seriously challenged by an emasculated press corps whose loyalties have generally lain in the same place as those of Hampden high heid yins such as Campbell Ogilvie, Gordon Smith and George Peat.
And for as long as these crooks could keep everything in house, it has been a safe bet that nobody could ever stop the corruption of the national game. Politicians are a complete waste of time at best while UEFA and FIFA do not involve themselves in domestic matters.

McCoist is now arrogantly insisting that the football authorities abandon the investigation into the illegal payment schemes practised by Rangers over the course of many, many years. He is quite patently making this demand for no other reason than that he wants to hide the truth about the colossal number of games in which Rangers fielded players who were not properly registered to play. He has also stated in advance that he will not accept any talk of titles being stripped from the cheating Ibrox club. McCoist’s position is that there must be no transparency, no investigation, no punishment and he has previous form for inciting criminal action to intimidate those who wish to see the same rules apply to Rangers as would apply to any other club. Sadly, his thuggery has not been wholly unsuccessful so far, and the SFA has shown no indication that it is prepared to lay down the law lest it displeases the bombs and bullets brigade.

So it’s time to get the gloves off with these scummy crooks and bring the whole charade to a crashing halt. The Scottish game is heading for destruction one way or another if a criminal enterprise such as Sevco is going to continue to receive preferential treatment at the same time that rabble-rousers like McCoist can threaten the personal safety of anyone who stands between him and his demands.  If the game is going to be destroyed, let it be for better reasons than for the sake of sustaining the fake prestige of a rotten institution.

Fortunately, there is a way to involve UEFA and FIFA. As a bonus, it may lead to the destruction of the SFA. If the decent clubs in Scotland start making their preparations now, they may be in a good position to form a new administrative body to take over the running of Scottish football when the SFA is expelled from world football.

Step forward Barry Ferguson, inductee of the Rangers Hall of Fame [sic] and formerly captain of his club and country. Ferguson had two spells at Ibrox and somewhere along the line he trousered two and half million tax-free pounds sterling through the EBT scam. Mark Daly reported that Ferguson’s extra contract with Rangers has been seen and confirmed by the BBC.

What a stroke of bad luck it would be for the SFA if Barry Ferguson had been selected to play for the Scotland international team in a World Cup qualifying tournament whilst being improperly registered. Alas! That seems to be exactly what has happened.
During the campaign to qualify for the 2006 Finals,  Scotland drew four and won three of the ten matches. The only match which Ferguson did not play in was the very last group tie, a 3-0 away victory over Slovenia. In every other fixture, the improperly registered Rangers player was selected to represent Scotland in a competition played under FIFA auspices. Ten of Scotland’s 13 points were won by breaking the rules of the competition. Not only has the SFA accepted prize money which it wasn’t entitled to collect but Scotland’s seeding level since that tournament has been at a higher level than it ought to be because it is based on Scotland finishing in a false third position in the group rather than sixth and last where it ought to have been according to the rules.

The Scotland manager for all but the first three games of that campaign was Walter Smith, a man who knows more about EBTs than most. The president of the SFA was George Peat, its Treasurer was Campbell Ogilvie and the CEO was David Taylor (who is now the joint General Secretary of UEFA). If there are any journalists out there who know how to work a telephone, they could do us all a favour by asking any of these gentlemen for their comments on the matter of Scotland fielding ineligible players in FIFA competitions. Failing that, why not just go straight to FIFA and ask them if they approve?
(FIFA’s number is +41 (0)43 222 7777. I’d call them myself but I’m a bit low on credit, what with paying my taxes and stuff.

Arthur Numan, a Dutch international footballer, received over half a million pounds in sneaky pay from an EBT and Mark Daly of the BBC reports a positive sighting of the infamous “side letter” which confirms that this money was paid as wages to the player. McCoist doesn’t want the SFA or the SPL to investigate this. But Numan didn’t only play for Rangers at this time. He also played for the Netherlands. In international competitions under the auspices of both UEFA and FIFA.
For example, Numan was in the Dutch team that defeated Estonia 5-0 on the 5th of September 2001 in the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven during the qualifying tournament for the 2002 World Cup Finals.  And just a few weeks later in Arnhem, Gelredome on the 6th of October, Arthur came on as a substitute for Mario Melchiot as the Netherlands defeated Andorra 4-0 in their next FIFA World Cup qualifying tie. He also played in Holland’s 2-2 draw with the Republic of Ireland.
Other contemporary Rangers players who featured on the official team-lines during that qualifying competition were EBT beneficiaries Ronald de Boer (£1,200,000 with a side letter), Fernando Ricksen (£684,225, side letter confirmed) and Bert Konterman (£300,000).

Hello again, FIFA. That’s seven points which Holland should not have kept just for Arthur Numan’s appearances alone. Numan, not being properly registered, was not entitled to play professional football at any level, far less as an internationalist in the most prestigious competition on the planet. The SFA, by failing in its own duties to ensure that players were properly registered, devalued the jewel in FIFA’s crown. Again, an enterprising journalist will already be reaching for the phone to ask the Dutch FA if they falsified their own bureaucratic submissions to FIFA or if they received inaccurate paperwork from their Scottish counterparts.

But member clubs of the SFA should not be waiting for any other party to investigate this. Between the SPL and the SFL, there are forty-one member clubs of the SFA who are entitled to demand of the executive, as a matter of the utmost urgency, an immediate answer to this question: have the SFA habitually deceived UEFA and FIFA with false registration documents to enable ineligible players to compete in major tournaments? With a new World Cup qualifying tournament about to start, it is a matter of vital importance that this question is cleared up immediately and if the SFA haven’t got the balls to do it then somebody should ask FIFA to intervene without a moment’s delay.

As for UEFA, we see exactly the same irregularities. Indeed, one side was a bad as the other in the play-off match between Scotland and the Netherlands for a place in the Euro 2004 Finals. Players with dual contracts at Rangers had featured throughout the campaign for both teams. While Rangers EBT beneficiary Dick Advocaat (£1,500,000) was selecting his fellow tax-scammers Fernando Ricksen and Ronald de Boer for the Dutch, the officials of the SFA were sitting in the directors’ box watching Barry Ferguson and Neil McCann (£500,000) turning out for the Scots. Just for good measure, while Holland were rattling in half-a-dozen goals against Scotland in one play-off, another Rangers dual contract holder was settling another play-off match with the only goals of the tie between Slovenia and Croatia. Dado Prso, armed with the side letter which the BBC has seen, took away £1,900,000 in tax-free sneaky pay.

Gloves off. It’s the SFA versus everybody who cares about football being played properly and according to the rules. The SFA have just about destroyed Scottish football. It’s time for Scottish football fans to call them on these matters and turn ourselves in to UEFA and FIFA. Call for the expulsion of the SFA from world football. Form a brand new association which places integrity at the centre of its constitution and let it invite applications from clubs which agree to be bound by the rules without question. Huns need not apply. Let the new Caledonian Soccerball Association (Featuring New, Improved Integrity) petition UEFA and FIFA for formal recognition in place of the disgraced, discredited SFA . Never again should we have to cringe with embarrassment or shake with fury at the sight of a thoroughly corrupt fraudster presiding over an association of cowards and cheats who negotiate with gangsters and neds about how to wreak further damage on our game.

Over to you, UEFA and FIFA. Get this investigated and when McCoist throws one of his hissy fits and threatens you with a mass mobilisation of the Larkhall Loyal, just tell him to do one. For once, the vast majority of football fans will be right behind you.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more Henry, do you think, however, FIFA, given its penchant for dictatorships will act? I think complaints from the disadvantaged teams in those matches would carry much more weight.

  2. Well done, Henry, another excellent piece.

    Even if none of the brothers from the press corps take up your suggestion and contact EUFA & FIFA, this piece further undermines whats left of the credibility and reputation of this current corrupt SFA.

    Every little helps, till the day when everything above finally comes crashing down.

    Just let it be soon.

  3. Wow, Henry, you take my breath away. While I pore over related blogs I don’t make notes and/or carry out reviews and so I have only an overall feeling of the underdog when I hear about the Ibrox scams and the collusion from Hampden. You’ve ended that, if your article above isn’t setting the scene for a head on collision then nothing will. Generally I feel that the fan power which has surfaced over the Ibrox scandal has been a revelation but the next step requires a concerted effort from everyone with a genuine interest in the well being of Scottish soccer.
    My feeling now has shifted a bit and instead of being just a bystander with a keen interest in sporting integrity I want true justice for our establishment cheats and not the mealy mouthed fare on offer. How do I contribute? This is something I need to think seriously about. I commented on one of your previous blogs that many did not understand the depth of cheating at Ibrox and the complicity of Hampden authorities. It looks very much that I didn’t understand myself just how truly awful it was and possibly still is. The game facts you list I can verify and the Mark Daly revelations on national TV I think can be accepted as true so due diligence is easily achieved. Once again I’m with you and even more committed to arriving at a correct and honest verdict.

    • “the next step requires a concerted effort from everyone with a genuine interest in the well being of Scottish soccer.”

      That sums it up.
      Regardless of which team each of us supports, we are now at a crucial phase of the game’s development. Either we take it back from the cheats or we let them grind us down into accepting their perverse idea of what football is about.
      This is one which we can and should win but we need to remain focussed.

  4. Excellent.

    One wonders what exactly these ‘journalists’ (though they’re not fit to use that as a job title) do all day. A disgrace to the profession (with a few – very few – exceptions).

  5. Top notch stuff. a great read. lots of work in there and absolutely spot on. Lets Get Ready To Rumble.

  6. Excellent article and great research too, Henry! I’ve always favoured the bare-knuckle approach 🙂 Jim Boyce, the Northern Ireland rep at FIFA, is another well placed lover of zombie’s.

  7. Paul Maplonker

    What a load of bigoted Colin Nish!

  8. you forgot this :
    This is a collected work of fiction. All events portrayed in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

    You’re welcome.

  9. Sounds great in theory, but unfortunately registration has no effect on eligibility to play international football. Players do not even need to be affiliated to a club to represent their country. I believe Mark Aizlewood played for Wales while without a club, in between his spells with Bristol City and Cardiff. Indeed it is now quite common, since Bosman came into force, for players even to play in the major finals while without a club.

    And don’t argue that the players should have been suspended (if they had been found out) – that too has no bearing on eligibility for international football.

    A little research would have uncovered this and saved you the bother of writing a pointless post. (And I say that as a Celtic fan.) You’re usually better than this.

  10. Charlie Oscar

    Too much emotive language used by an angry man who doesn´t like Rangers or as he calls them, Huns.
    It´s ironic so many calling the MSM out for bias who are so ready to lap this up as their daily fix…….don´t forget you actually have a game tonight.

    Mobsters, gangsters, criminal sevco (what charge was brought or are you the polis ?), corrupt SFA (only for Rangers of course/roll eyes), WS EBT, can you prove it ?, UEFA pro-Rangers, club defending it´s corner surprising is it ??, managers taking “hissy-fits” (only at Ibrox of course)…blah blah

    Henry, you need a holiday.

    • I love it when desperate zoomers like you slither on to this blog with feeble attempts to blur the focus. It generally means that the followfollow mob are worried. By the way, Huns are called Huns because of their Hunnish behaviour. That’s why supporters of every club in Scotland, other than the Huns themselves, use the term.

      Issue: unregistered players turning out on official matches under auspices of SFA, UEFA, FIFA.
      Try addressing that.

  11. tainted orange

    great stuff

    I I’m probably wrong on this but I would have thought the EBT scandal ends at a club level as the dual contracts were set up therer and not at international level.

    I’m sure I’m not alone thinking this even if I’m wrongfully assuming the buck stops at club level

    • The requirement is for players to be properly registered with a national association before they take part in representative matches such as international games. A player who is between clubs or whose contract with one club has expired may still play representative matches because his registration will normally be held by the last national association under which he played until he secures a new contract. However, a player who has not been properly registered in the first place is in a different category and if, for example, Slovenia had been made aware at the time of the play-offs for the 2004 Euro finals that Dado Prso (who scored both goals in the two 1-0 wins for Croatia) was improperly registered, they would have had an overwhelming case for claiming a 3-0 victory for both legs.
      It’s too late to do anything about that now but the point is that the fault is entirely with the SFA. The Croatian FA had no reason to know that the SFA was behaving fraudulently in conjunction with Rangers FC.
      The SFA is totally responsible for deceiving other national FAs, FIFA, UEFA and other confederations so it should be investigated for compromising the integrity of every tournament which those bodies organised during the period that it was turning a blind eye to the dual contracts scam.

  12. Angus MacIsaac

    Perhaps you will change the colour of the typeface on your masthead, Henry. It’s a bit unclear. I read it as: “Emancipate yourself from marital slavery”..

  13. David C MacKenzie

    Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players

    Article 5
    1. A player must be registered at an association to play for a club as either a professional or an amateur in accordance with the provisions of article 2. **Only registered players are eligible to participate in organised football.** By the act of registering, a player agrees to abide by the statutes and regulations of FIFA, the confederations and the associations. (p. 9)

    Article 1
    1. Clubs are obliged to release their **registered players** to the representative teams of the country for which the player is eligible to play on the basis of his nationality if they are called up by the association concerned. Any agreement between a player and a club to the contrary is prohibited. (p. 26)

    Everything in the document talks of “registered players”. My feeling is that it could be argued that they are ineligible, but that it would be harsh in the case of national teams that are relying on other national associations for verification of status.

    • First class, David. Thanks.
      That’s the clincher, in my view.

      • Why first class? Simply because he agrees with your own flawed case, I would imagine.

        There has never been any doubt at all that players of RFC(IA), even those with EBTs, WERE registered. The rules quote by this poster merely refer to registration – they quite clearly do not state that players must be properly registered. This is such a fundamental distinction that it is almost certainly deliberate, and not merely an example of imprecise semantics.

        The point, and consequence being that, if improper registration exists, it will be the association of the club which employs the player and/or holds that, and NOT the association which the player represents in internationals, which will be liable to punishment.

        The whole premise of your post here is based on nothing other than wishful thinking, and your later comments are simply grasping at straws. Un-researched posts like this are irresponsible; they give false hope to “internet bampots” and quickly spread. As a contributor to the RTC blog yourself, you will have seen how often a general mass of like-minded individuals attach themselves to a flawed argument, simply because it suits their agenda.

        With all due respect, if it was as simple and clear cut as you suggest, do you not think someone else would have thought of it a long time ago?

        It’s disappointing that you may have set the hares in motion with this piece. As I said earlier, you are usually better than this.

        • A player must be properly registered and one of the conditions of that registration is that all financial recompense for football services is included in one contract, a copy of which is registered with the SFA and the SPL.
          If a second contract, which is not submitted, exists between a player and his club then the player is not properly registered,
          If two contracts are submitted to the SFA and/or the SPL, then the player is not properly registered.

          Either way, the evidence from Mark Daly’s BBC investigation strongly indicates that there were serious irregularities in the registration of Rangers players and the SFA is therefore responsible for compromising the integrity of international tournaments as well as domestic ones.

          I have direct confirmation of this from officials of Football Associations outwith Scotland.
          While it is probably too late to take remedial action for the transgressions which occurred throughout the last decade, there is a strong case to be made for suspending the SFA from world football.

          The issue is not that the Dutch FA or Croatian FA have cheated but that the SFA can not be entrusted to fulfil its obligations to FIFA or any football confederation. It has done nothing in the meantime to suggest that it has put its house in order. Indeed, it has indicated in almost every action that it feels no obligation to follow any rules at all unless that suits Rangers.

          • With respect Henry, you’re now talking nonsense!

            If you had the ear of officials of “Football Associations outwith Scotland”, as you claim, you would have sought their opinions BEFORE you wrote your piece, and not after, once it became apparent that your piece was nothing but simple wishful thinking.

            Compounding your mistake with fabricated discussions with un-named individuals (were they from another galaxy?), merely destroys what little credibility you had.

            On both my earlier comments I stated that I had thought you were better than this. It seems I was mistaken. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

            • There are no fabricated discussions.
              I have a recording of a twenty minute phone call with an administrator from a national football association outwith Scotland.
              There are other unrecorded conversations with officials from other national FAs.
              Those discussions were for background briefing, not for public dissemination or broadcast.
              I am not going to be drawn into naming names so you can wind your neck in on that score.
              I stand by what I wrote: players who turn out in in representative matches under FIFA or confederation auspices should be properly registered with the national association where they ply their trade. There is strong evidence that the SFA was remiss in its duties and obligations in that the paperwork pertaining to numerous Rangers players did not accurately reflect their true contractual position. There is also good reason to believe that at least some of the SFA officials were well aware of that inaccuracy but allowed it anyway.

              I believe that there’s a case to answer and that it should be investigated.
              If you don’t want to believe that, that’s your choice.

        • David C MacKenzie

          abrahamtoast, are you suggesting that improper registration does not exist?

          To play in organised football, under the auspices of Fifa, you must be registered. There is a specific process to registering which must be followed precisely, otherwise you will be deemed as being improperly registered, and not eligible to play in organised football. This can mean anything from forgetting to post the registration documents, to putting the wrong date (or any other point of fact) on the document, all the way to such things as trying to register a player when prohibited from doing so to outright lying on the form. This can result in a number of punishments including the forfeiture of games during which an ineligible player played, fines, suspensions, and so on. This has been seen in Scotland on a number of occasions, and was seen again at club level with the likes of Sion, who got into a lot of trouble.

          Next, I went to Fifa’s regulations for the 2010 World Cup:

          Article 7
          Eligibility of players
          1. Each association shall ensure the following when selecting its representative team for the FIFA World CupTM:
          a) all players shall be citizens of its country and subject to its jurisdiction;
          b) all players shall be eligible for selection in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes and other relevant FIFA regulations.
          2. Any team that is found guilty of fielding an ineligible player shall forfeit the match in question. Victory and the resultant three points will be awarded to the opposing team as well as the score of 3-0, or greater, depending on the score of the match. The FIFA Organising Committee is the competent body to decide in this regard.

          7.1(a) obviously relates to whether they are eligible to play for a particular country. But it is 7.1(b) that matters. You have to be eligible in accordance with the “Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes and other relevant FIFA regulations.”

          If it is explicitly stated elsewhere that improperly registered players can play international football, I will happily concede, but all that I have seen is to the contrary.

  14. i see you are still a shite talking mong henry, peado free in division three!!

    • A magnificently constructed rebuttal from “jimtorbett” shows why the mighty Rangers (going through liquidation procedures) and their illiterate supporters will not be missed.
      You’d think these trumpets would have at least learned how to spell “paedo” at some point in the last forty years, since it’s about the only thing that they ever seem to think about.

  15. @jimtorbett

    How’s about bile-free, or is that too much to ask?

  16. michealmaceoghain

    Another great blog Henry.

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