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  1. Any link between Las Vegas Sands and the usual suspects!?

  2. Just watched the debacle of an interview with Gary:Wank Commander in full paranoia mode!

    Apart from very nearly defaming Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Peter Lawell and the merry muppets who run the Scottish Game, he was like a wind up doll repeating the same crap over and over again hoping that persistence is enough to cloud any sort of fact.

    The simple, irrefutable fact is that the decisions and comments being made around the whole Rangers mess have been subject to interpretation from both sides of the argument. Company v Club, Oldco v Newco, Rangers v Sevco, rule manipulation to benefit / punish Rangers depending on which side you fancy it from and now the fallout where league reconstruction is only on the agenda to either punish Rangers/Sevco further or fastrack Rangers/Sevco to the top tier to make the Scottish game just about financially viable.

    I honestly recognise the tricky situation Regan and Doncaster were in. To follow the rule book would have been to recognise the liquidation of the Company/Club (same thing according to everyone until it didn’t fit with the retention of ra history) and treat Rangers in exactly the same way as Gretna. That would have been easy but for a) the backlash that happened anyway from the Rangers supprters and b) the financial hit that results from permanently removing the biggest draw (Celtic v Rangers) of your product. As it is, the guys at the top of the Scottish game are now trying to desperately not answer any pointed questions in order to walk the tightrope until some sort of normalcy is restored, whether that takes years or not. In doing that and trying not to upset anyone too much (no doubt for fear of bullets through the post), they’re managing to alienate everyone.

  3. Margaret Clarson

    I found a Henry Clarson buried in the church at All Saints in Oxford and was wondering if you know anything about him.

    • Sorry, Margaret; “Henry Clarson” is just my nom de plume.
      I created it by anglicising the name of the great Swedish footballer, Henrik Larsson, who played for Helsingborg, Feyenoord, Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester United.

      A few years ago, I received an inquiry from Achim Müller Hale, a German author who had written a World War Two novel called
      “Die Göring-Verschwörung” (The Göring Conspiracy).
      The central character is a British secret agent called Henry Clarson. Achim was curious to know my background because he thought he had created the name out of thin air. He’d searched a few British telephone directories to see if there were any Clarsons and he’d drawn a blank so he felt it was safe to proceed with Henry Clarson as an archetypically British-sounding name for his spy character.
      Just as his book was going to print he suddenly started finding lots of results for Google searches for “Henry Clarson”. He was keen to try to make sure that “Henry” wouldn’t be embarrassed by finding out that his name was being used in a fictional account of the beginning of World War Two. That was rather considerate of him, I thought. 🙂

      Still, it’s nice to know now that there are some real Clarsons out there!
      Best wishes.

    • Hey, I’m looking for my family. Do you know anything about this Henry Clarson? Maybe year of birth?

  4. Margaret Clarson

    Well my father was from County Cork and in all my travels I’ve never met another Clarson but in the Church of All Saints in Oxford there is a Henry Clarson buried there having died 1792. I googled the name and you came up so I thought I’d give it a try. Thank you for your response.

  5. Hey, are you a teacher?

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